Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rock Hall game: Better than coal?

Who got inducted when and how many hits did this band have and who performed to honor that lady are likely among the more than 1,700 questions and 87 cards players will see in the The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Trivia Board Game, one of many frivolous items currently being peddled at the Hall's website.

Questions most likely not asked in this product nudged somewhere between socks and Arby's gift cards on most people's Christmas list:

- Who is the biggest douche ever to be inducted? (Answer: Jackson Browne, 2004)

- How the hell are two of the biggest and best rock and roll bands of all time - Cheap Trick and Kiss - not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? (Answer: Rock Hall voters have no testicles)
Big Daddy Donahue scares yet another child.

- Who has the best beard in RNR HoF history? (Answer: deejay Tom "Big Daddy" Donahue) 

- When will this irrelevant pile of rubble move someplace where something significant in rock actually happened (and not just to some town that had a revitalization project going on and outbid everyone else) and transform into a mighty fortress honoring the best of the best as judged by people with actual taste in music and knowledge of things that didn't happen before 1975? (Answer: When Jann Wenner finally hears Guided By Voices or The Replacements and discovers Rock and Roll).

Something like this should be shown to Jann  and the other clueless 500 Rock Hall voters, "Clockwork Orange" style. Maybe they'd grow a set.

You could navigate your way to the Rock Hall website and waste $29.99 on this pile of garbage, only it's somehow out of stock, likely gobbled up by "music aficionados" everywhere. No wonder music sucks so bad.

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