Friday, October 21, 2011

Sonic Youth divorce: Good news, bad news (x2)

Can hipsters get Old People Smell?
It was reported earlier this week that Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore were splitting up after 27 years of marriage.

Here's what it means to us here at CDNR:

The Good News: Even though Matador Records says the band still has plans to tour, it's been rumoured out there on the interwebs that this could be the end of Sonic Youth. Which means no more b.s. 5-star reviews from Rolling Stone.

No way of avoiding this, huh.
The Bad News: Divorce is never a good thing. Not even if it breaks up an overrated hipster band that is basically Radiohead without the annoying computer bleeps and blips (in other words, better but still rancid).

The Very Bad News: The attention Kim, Thurston and Sonic Youth will get out of this makes them a double mortal lock to enter the Hall of Fame in an upcoming class, maybe even next year. Frankly, I'm shocked they're eligible and not in.

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