Thursday, October 13, 2011

Michael Anthony-G.E. Smith text exchange, 9/30/11

Michael Anthony: How are The Cure nominated for Rock Hall but not Cars? Or Boan Jett?

G.E. Smith: I know. What about Joan Jett but not Runaways.

Michael Anthony: Neither deserve, right?

G.E. Smith: Na but you can't put Jett in before Runaways. It's like putting Henley in before Eagles. Or Clapton before Cream.

Michael Anthony: Haha damn I dunno. They had one hit and more known for the shitty careers they spawned. Such as Jett.

G.E. Smith: Yea those are just examples. No way Runaways should get in but why not at least cobble together them, Jett and Lita Ford and pump the rock girl influence thing? Way better than enshrining "I Love Rock And Roll" and "Light of Day." Maybe J. Fox will induct.

Michael Anthony: Haha. Maybe Mary Tyler Moore. Yo I been up since 2. So who gets in out of those noms anyway man. All? Limp year ...

G.E. Smith: GNR. Cure nommed before Smiths? How?

Michael Anthony: Damn that's it? I think the Cure get in too man. I think they sneak in bc of the limp year. Cure had more U.S. hits.

G.E. Smith: Yea only U.S. crap counts right?

Michael Anthony: Yeah basically. Pixies would get in if UK shit mattered. They were big.

G.E. Smith: If they come up soon they will get in. If it was this year it would have been lock bc of "Nevermind" shit.

Michael Anthony: Needs to be before grunge-lite and faux alt-rockers get in. Otherwise they may be assed out. If Pixes don't get in before Green Day and Pearl Sham and Poundinmygardensnake, then they will never get in. Because industry morons will think they've satisfied the need for alt-rock.

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