Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Great" moments in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame History: 2010

One plain Idiot. Hold the American.
What's going on here: The Stooges are joined onstage by Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day for a performance of "I Wanna Be Your Dog" after the band is inducted.

Why this is bad: Billie Joe comes up toward the end of the song, after The Stooges have already delivered a pretty solid performance. Unbelievably, he screws up the three chords at least five times. Also, be on the lookout around the five-minute mark for his preposterous backup vocals while Eddie Vedder, Hall suits and other nerds dance around in the background.  The only thing worse was Billie Joe's nasally, holier-than-thou induction speech, which came right before his public bedcrapping. If you can get through it, you're a better man than me.

Like a poker in someone's fireplace.
Why this is really bad: This makes it a mortal lock that Green Day will get in with the class of 2014.

Silver lining: Note bassist Mike Watt, who was playing bass for The Stooges at the time but, of course, was one-third of the legendary Minutemen, in the back to the left of Iggy Pop. This is the closest the Minutemen will ever come to the Hall.

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