Thursday, January 31, 2013

Most underrated moments in Music Video History, Vol. 1

The magic moment, by Gina Schock.
First things first: The Go-Go’s should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

You wanna talk about paving the way for women in rock? You wanna talk about making great tunes and scoring hits without sexing it up, even though you’re a group of some pretty fine ladies who could have easily done just that to make it big? You wanna talk about staying power? (songs still get plucked for movies, songs still get played at sports arenas, band’s still touring)

That’s Belinda, Jane, Charlotte, Gina and Kathy.

But, to me, what really makes The Go-Go’s true legends are the latter years of their wheelhouse era, particularly the track “Head Over Heels,” off the 1984 album “Talk Show,” and especially the accompanying video. The girls have obviously settled into being ladies. They’re wearing mom jeans and sweats. They’re sporting mom ’dos. They got that sultry '80s makeup on.

The crowning moment comes when drummer Gina Schock enters the pantheon of Great Drummer Video Moments (a la the big Kelly Keagy drum thump in Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian”) with her big roll right after Charlotte Caffey tears it up on the piano in the song’s midsection.

Mom Jeans: The Ladies of "SNL" wore them well.
Right after wearing a ring that inexplicably turns into a bug, Gina, with her short, spiked, '80s-teased hair, plaid shirt and just-right eye shadow, breaks it down with a killer pounding, then a quick switch back into the big beat, all complete with not one but two winks. AY CARAMBA that’s one hot rock video moment.

So, congratulations, Gina, for helping your band, The Go-Go’s, become the inaugural entry into Cleveland Does Not Rock’s Most Underrated Moments in Music Video History.

Next stop, C-town.

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