Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Eddie Money pisses away any shot at Rock Hall induction

Yeah, he’s gone from looking like Don Johnson’s ugly brother to an extra in “The Room.” And, yeah, he hasn’t had a hit in more than a few decades.

The heyday.
But Eddie Money has some slamming hits, from the smooth “Baby Hold On,” the pseudo-dance-rock “Two Tickets To Paradise” and the comeback smashes “Take Me Home Tonight,” “Walk On Water” and, my personal favorite, “I Wanna Go Back,” which I have on a 45 somewhere in the dark recesses of the closet of my childhood bedroom … along with that awesome poster of the hot chick in the catcher’s outfit …uh, I mean, nevermind.

Anyhoo, according to our scientific measurements and calculations, Mr. Money has an outside shot of one day making it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. At least in one of those weird "other" categories, like Early Influence or non-performer, guys who no one knows or cares about or remembers, in, say, 2033, when Lady Gaga and Mumford & Sons get in.

What the?
Wait a second, make that HAD an outside shot of one day making it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Because if anyone has seen the admittedly humorous but preposterously painful and embarrassing GEICO ad starring Eddie, you know what I’m talking about. His voice is shot. He looks like some kind of rejected Jim Henson puppet. And what the f*ck is up with his mouth?

If Eddie Money wasn’t a joke before this commercial made it on the air, he is now.

Yo, Eddie: You oughta go back … and do it all over. 


  1. You have to love a person that can laugh at themselves...and not worry who's laughing at you. Mr. Money is probably a happy go lucky guy who's life will be just fine with or without the Geiko commercial casting a shadow (i like him more after seeing the commercial) on a very cool career.

  2. I agree- Eddie is a real trip and a great entertainer- lighten up Mr Smith

  3. Saw him at a small venue in Atlanta this past Saturday night. Yes, he has gotten old, but what a likable man and performer. he had me smiling and singing aling to his unforgettable hits. Not to mention he plays a great sax. He hung out and signed autographs after the show. Who cares if he did a Geico commercial. Personally, I thought it was pretty damn funny.

  4. I just saw Eddie Money at a free Memorial concert call called The Great American Beach Party. He was GREAT... I was smiling ear to ear...
    Still has it. No matter what you think. People change but close your eyes and he is still MONEY!

  5. Eddie is still rocking it out while this guy is writing articles like these to pay for the rent in his parents basement.

  6. What's up with his mouth? In a word: palsy.