Monday, January 23, 2012

Johnny Ramone is still an a*shole, even from the grave

You can say whatever you want about Ramones guitarist Johnny Ramone, but you can't say he wasn't one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

You could also never say he ever made any apologies for acting like a total jerk 100 percent of the time.

Read just about any account of the band's career, and John Cummings, who died in 2004 at the age of 55, is portrayed as a mega-douche. Because he was. We're talking about a guy who stole Joey Ramone's girlfriend out from under him, then flaunted it in his face while the band was at it's peak. A guy who wouldn't visit Joey in the hospital and bury the hatchet, even when the singer was dying of cancer. A guy who is said to have possessed a large amount of Nazi memorabilia. A guy who wouldn't even let Joey's family in on the band's induction into the Hall in 1998. A guy who went from being best friends with Joey's brother, Mickey Leigh, to treating him like dung for decades on end.

Solid read.
A great account of Johnny's greatest hits can be read in Leigh's admittedly one-sided book, "I Slept With Joey Ramone."

So now come reports that Johnny's autobiography, "Commando: The Autobiography of Johnny Ramone," is set for release in April.

The book is stocked with stories told from the death-bed, so there's a 1.9 percent chance there are some apologies and remorse (If there is, I swear I will come back and delete this post). But we're talking about Johnny Ramone here. While his people are keeping most of the details close to the vest, we know that he once again goes into his relationship with wife Linda, poking through his coffin and into Joey's yet again, effing with poor dude's already effed up head in the afterlife. And we know that even though Linda thought about including interviews from John's pals, maybe balancing the thing out a little, but nah, why not let the guitarist rip away from his bully pulpit.

What a d*ck.

Yet, we can almost forgive it all because of sh*t like this.


  1. Yep, you know everything there is to know about Johnny Ramone because of what you read in Mickey Leigh and Monte Melnick's books.

    You couldn't clean the dirt off the bottom of Johnny's shoes. Pretty pathetic that you're levelof bravery is revealed by hurling insults at a dead person. You missed your calling in life- a grade school wit..

    1. As some who has cleaned his shoes, can you tell us what his balls taste like too?

  2. No question, I couldn't clean the dirt off of Johnny's shoes. Aside from that, he was a great and innovative rock guitarist. So totally underrated and unappreciated.

    All that being said, I would love to see your evidence that proves he's not a king-sized man rod.

  3. I saw his wife trying to plug the book on tv talking about how Johnny kept pressuring her to leave Joey. Whatever skank. He sounds like a real buttplug too.

  4. so, now that everyone has read the book, what do you think?

    For myself, I think that Johnny was a phenomenal guitarist. However, no matter how he tried, he could not swing that book into positive territory. If you have to write something like "I never bullied anyone"....well, then I think you probably DID bully them.

    G.E.: just wondering: are there lots of musicians out there with this sort of persona? The bullying, swaggering guys who truly believe that their behaviors are ok because they are "in the best interests of the the band"? (I can think of a couple of guys who remind me very much of Johnny. Highly abusive control freaks, never wrong. Intelligent about music, but little else). I can see how such a thing could be more typical than not.....

    I have to give Johnny some credit for not making any apologies. But I have to wonder, too: was he really a tough guy, committed to being true to what he believed in.....or just a very large, delusional a-hole?

    (and I have to say that he came off as quite cowardly in some sections of his well as a hypocrite)

    On top of everything, the book was a snore. I finished it saying to myself, "well, at least the guy played great!". That's about all you can say and that is a sad epitaph indeed.

    I hope that Johnny has found in death that happiness he so obviously did not find in his life.

  5. A lot of it is contrived and gossip. The reason why the establishment propagates the hate (which is then echoed by the sheep) is because the architect of "Punk Rock" was a conservative.

    1. The Progressive (Regressive) Leftist establishment can't reconcile with that fact.