Wednesday, January 11, 2012

John Fogerty sells out, Foo Fighters suck up

From the Foo's Twitter account. Shh don't tell anyone.
As we already established in a previous post, John Fogerty is a turd.

It was Mr. "Centerfield" who stood on principal, who said no way am I going to put out good shit for my label, no way am I going to play a goddamn three-chord song or two with my Creedence Clearwater Revival bandmates when we go in the Rock Hall in 1993, and it ain't me, it ain't me I ain't no fortunate son and all that crap.

Well lookie here: According to the Los Angeles Times, the alleged rebel has written an original theme song for a new Fox show, "The Finder," and will actually guest star in the debut on Thursday, and will actually make the stripped-down version of "Fortunate Son" that he plays on the show available for purchase at a later date. CAAAA-CHING.

Somehow this isn't the only noteworthy news involving John Fogy-ty, as it has been reported by Billboard and others that Foo Fighters will guest on his upcoming album. Other guests include Miranda Lambert and Brad Paisley.


Harry's dump-a-rooni: We've all been there before, right?
With that thought accepted and dumped out in a fashion similar to the one Jeff Daniels' Harry employed in "Dumb and Dumber," let's address the real issue: What is Dave Grohl up to here? Why perform on a Fogerty record? Why? There is just no connection at any point in Grohl's career with Nirvana or Foos that could be made. Even his limp-ass tune "Wheels," from their 2009 greatest hits album*, is more Tom Petty lite or by-the-numbers adult contemporary radio rock than it is retro-rock circuit.

* I have to break this out: Foo Fighters' 2009 "Greatest Hits" was a two-CD set, with EIGHT SONGS on each disc. Eight songs on one disc? What a monumental waste of disc space. So there's 16 songs, and among those is the awful "Wheels," which was new at the time, and was obviously awful, but someone had the genius idea to include this on a greatest hits set? Also among this collection of greats is an acoustic version of "Everlong" to close things out. This is a greatest HITS album boys. Why do you have two versions of the same song on a greatest hits record? HAHAHHAHA.

Watch the "Wheels" come down right here:

The only motive in play with this Foo Fighters-Fogerty collab is this: Grohl and his boys are laying the groundwork for a 2020 induction on the first ballot. By that time, Foo Fighters will be considered Classic Rock, and many will redo history to put them on one of the upper shelves with The Doors, The Byrds and, oh, what do you know, CREEDENCE!

Look, the self-titled debut was great. "The Colour and the Shape" is half good. I know CDNR's Flipout Wilson will disagree, but I don't see anything else in their catalog that takes them to Rock Hall level.

Hopefully, one of our readers in the Ukraine saves this or something like it until 2020.


  1. Foo Fighters is coming to Singapore. This is really good news for their fans. I can't wait to watch them on stage. Yay!!!

    1. Make sure you read Flipout Wilson's post about Foo Fighters' live show. He's a huge fan, but he's been to enough shows to know you should lower your expectations. Then you'll be pleasantly surprised!

  2. Just listened to Sugar's BEASTER - it's very similar to THE COLOUR AND THE SHAPE, only with better noise guitars, more unique production touches, and a variety of stylistic detours.

    Get 'em in the Hall!

  3. Yeah "Beaster" pretty much wipes the bathroom floor near the urinals with everything Foos ever did. Nice try getting Mould to be on your last album, Davey.

  4. Kurt Cobain spent his formative years learning to play the songs of John Fogerty. Nirvana started out as a Creedence covers band. Nirvana's music style was heavily influenced by Creedence, and still these ignorant bloggers claims there is "no connection at any point in Grohl's career with Nirvana or Foos that could be made."

    Why would anyone read any of the uninformed nonsense from these guys?

  5. Note that you said "Kurt Cobain" played Creedence when he was younger, not "Dave Grohl." Also, find me a guitar player who didn't fiddle around playing "Proud Mary" or either of the "Rain" songs. Also, whether this is true or not, you don't source this information at all.

    Did Nirvana have a lot of three-chord songs? Yes. Did Creedence have a lot of three-chord songs? Yes. Does that mean Nirvana was "heavily influenced by" Creedence? Oh yeah, I definitely hear the connection between "Rape Me" and "Lookin' Out My Back Door." You got me there.

    As for your charge of "nonsense" flowing from this blog like vomit from my mouth after reading your comment; and your question as to why anyone would read Cleveland Does Not Rock ... I have no defense. Guilty as charged.

    Thanks for your comment!

  6. G.E Smith if thats your real name. you are a total wanker in all sense. Creedence has not played together or recorded together in over 40 years & are still as popular today as they were back then..the foos are a great band but 40 years is a long time to still be recognised & i would say grohl would admit that himself. people like you & your thoughts are no brainers who secretly admire the ones they knock. admit it you idiot you are a creedence fan that hasn't got the guts to admit it. i beat you know every word of the hits ccr & fogerty have would have too, they are played on radio all the time.."Keep on Chooglin" dumbarse one day you might make a decent critic.

  7. Hey "Anonymous" (if that's your real name), I never said anything about Creedence. I do know every word of every hit CCR ever had and can play a fair amount of them as well. Not sure if I can sing or play Fogerty's two hits.

    Let's set them aside and talk about the Foos. They had two good albums - the first two. From there the catalog takes a slow dive into mediocre corporate rock. You into that song "Wheels?" I knew you were, ya bloody wanker. Sod off mate.

  8. Hahaha It's incredibly funny how much of a dick you are!
    Foo and Fogerty are more similar than you think. Put it this way, it's not heavy Metal vs. Opera. Why wouldn't Dave Grohl wanna make an album with John Fogerty? They are both rock legends, whether you like it or not? Besides Foo have covered CCR live so they do like them?
    Have you ever stopped to wonder that maybe out of the millions of people who love these guys, and the few who don't... that maybe you're wrong? I don't why I bothered wasting my time commenting on this piece of shit RANT!

  9. Never seen an author soo butthurt in my life...btw who cares if foo fighters put 2 new songs and an acoustic version on their greatest hits, they are the last songs on the album and nobody is forcing you to listen