Friday, February 22, 2013

Ban this creepy video! "Fire," by Arthur Brown

"Poltergeist." The trailer for the nuke flick "The Day After." "Just Say No To Drugs" commercials. The Dominos Noid.

None of these things scared me as much as a kid growing up in the '80s as the video for Arthur Brown's "Fire," which they'd play on MTV far too often with no regard for time of day. The black-and-white vid is a "live" (read: lip synced) performance by Brown on "Top of the Pops" - they didn't really make videos back then, and for that I am grateful, because imagine the sick shit he would have dumped on poor innocent brains all over the world.

This is truly frightening. It makes Devo's "Peek-a-Boo" look like a Richard Marx clip. Even the old guy who yells "Science!" in Thomas Dolby's "She Blinded Me With Science" would be horrified by Brown's acid-induced devil dance, complete with makeup that's Alice Cooper x5 and a crown of fire on his head.

Apparently, Pete Townshend produced a lot of this dude's early stuff, which is hailed as some kind of amazing music, although it just sounds like bullshit British psych to me. This explains a lot about the limp flower-power tuneage that Townshend was peddling at the time, stuff like the preposterously overrated "The Who Sell Out."

Seriously, never play this again on TV, never let it show up in any On Demand video lineups, take it off You Tube. Please. Before someone gets hurt.

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