Monday, December 19, 2011

Great Guns! Chances not good for GNR Rock Hall reunion

If we can't get a reunion, can we at least get the leather hat?
It seemed like a shoe-in: Guns 'N' Roses gets in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Axl and Slash make nice for at least one night, and the band finally reunites for one freaking set consisting of two or three freaking songs.

The Duffster.
But guess what? Probably not gonna happen, at least according to two former GNR members.

- Matt Sorum, drummer of the band's wheelhouse period, predicts a train wreck at the induction ceremony a la the Sex Pistols' entry to the Hall, with no Guns Reunion. Via Blabbermouth via Australia's The Vine.

- On his blog at Seattle Weekly, Duff McKagan says he doesn't see a Guns reunion happening. 


- Duff gets onstage with Axl and the current lineup after his band Loaded opens for Guns in Seattle.


Axl ejects a fan in Vancouver, perhaps hinting that the frontman is returning to his unruly ways, perhaps hinting that he'll pine for the glory days, and decide that his spat with Slash over something he doesn't even remember wasn't worth it is over. And Slash agrees, and, and ...

What's your take? Will a Guns reunion happen? Should it happen? Does it need to? Do you care? COMMENT.

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